How this website was made?

Automation is the key. I do not want to write a single line of html or some other annoying syntax ready to be presented to the crowds. Instead, I find it more productive and less time consuming to come up with simplest possible source format, and convert that to whatever format is needed with simple script. For this site I spent about 45 minutes and invented a jnz file format along with a simple perl tool to convert it to html.

Below are the tool, the needed files and a live source code for one of the pages of this site to show how these pages was made. script is handy to produce static html pages from very simple jnz file format. As said, jnz is made by me in a hurry for my own needs, so please do not take it too serious or consider it as general purpose file format. You are welcome to use it how ever you like or develop it further if you want. If it wrecks everything and ruins your life, dont blame me. Use it at your own risk.

This is the perl script to produce static html pages from jnz formatted file.


This is the html header part to be included by in top of generated html page.


This is the html footer part to be included by in bottom of generated html page.


These are titles for each page, used in html header part above.


These are the links and menu structure for menu bar in upper left corner of the page, converted automatically by


These are the links to external web pages, included automatically by if any of the keywords appears in paragraphs.


Finally, the jnz source of Opensource-hostausta blog page. | html_head.txt | html_foot.txt | html_page.txt | html_link.txt | html_refs.txt | blogi.jnz

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